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    I recently had an issue where a guest sent us a reservation request but the quote didn’t have our pet surcharge selected so I denied the request and resent them a new quote on the same thread with the pet fee attached. He tried several times to book but was denied every time until I archived the inquiry that I originally denied and started a completely new Inquiry for him. He was able to book just fine off of the new quote on that new thread.

    Is that a bug? That once you turn down a reservation request, even if you send them a brand new quote in the same thread, they still won’t be able to book it? It seems by refusing the reservation, I not only refused that particular request, but any new quote or request on that thread. Anyone else have this issue. It happened to another lady who seemed dead set on booking but she never went through and now I am thinking it just kept denying her card so she found some place else.


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    @Chad-Service - that IS how it’s designed as I understand it. When you cancel or deny a reservation, you can’t create a new one under the same thread. But you can copy the reservation to a new thread and give it different terms.

    Another option in the future would be, instead of denying their reservation, how about sending them a revised quote, and requesting their agreement to the new terms? Would that update the original thread properly?

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    @Jenny-Oest I can try that. I think I remember it giving me options to only approve or decline the reservation, but I could be wrong. I’ll have to give that a try next time.

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    @Chad-Service - just ignore the request and email them a new quote. If they accept those terms, there’s no approval period, so it should process and accept automatically.

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    @Jenny-Oest Thank you!

  • There is also a button to send a revised quote in response to a reservation request.



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