Assigning Cleaners and Pool Maintenance to Properties

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    How can we assign specific cleaning crews and pool maintenance companies to different properties?
    So if we have “cleaning alerts” which go out to the cleaning crews, and we have 3 different cleaning crews across 9 properties, how do we set up the message template to send each email to the right cleaning crew?

    similar with pool cleaning, but the difference is we don’t send automated emails to them, we just want to know the XYZ is the company for this property and that one, but not the other. in case of emergency (like a dirty pool).

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    With your automated stay emails you can specify which property group is included for a given email. You can use a grouping to indicate who receives the email.

    For example: Group ABC uses pool service 1, and Group XYZ uses pool service two. Assign the correct properties to those groups.

    Then, create a different stay email for each group, and address it to the appropriate pool service.

    You can follow the same logic for cleaners.

    Does that help?

  • To add to @Jenny-Oest’s great answer, here are some resources

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    @Jenny-Oest I love this. Yes! i’m playing with groups, and the idea that i can have unlimited groups mean that I can easily re-organize properties by who’s going what on each one. I would still have to create a separate email from each pool cleaner vs. having a dynamic field, right?

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    @Olivier-Chaine - you’d want a separate email for each property GROUP. You could then have a custom field that specified the details that varied by property within each group.

    Remember that a custom field isn’t restricted to just a few words - it might be a whole paragraph of instructions! 🙂

    Hope that helps!

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