Where is the rental agreement?

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    Does anyone have a button on their property page that links to the rental agreement for guests to review before booking? If so, how did you add it?



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    Hi Jenny, Not sure if this answers your question but I created an additional (hidden) page and copy and pasted my rental agreement to it. Then, for example, on my FAQs page where I refer to the "rental agreement", I link it to the hidden page.

    I also have it set up so that when someone wants to book they have to open up the agreement and check off that they have read and understand. I think I had someone at MyVR help with that set up.

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    @John-Klein that's probably what I'll do, but I wanted to see first if that option already existed. My contract will vary by property type, however, so it's a tad more challenging. Example: pet- friendly vs not.

  • @Jenny-Oest said in Where is the rental agreement?:

    My contract will vary by property type, however, so it's a tad more challenging. Example: pet- friendly vs not.

    For this case, you could upload your rental agreements under a Custom Field and then use the Custom Fields widget on your website's property pages. This will allow you to display the correct agreement on every property's page automatically. Here is a tutorial that walks you through this process

    Tutorial: Add Additional Property Information With Custom Fields


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    @danny-eiden Danny, do you have updated instructions on adding custom fields to our pages? I was able to find the Custom Fields setting under Setup but the Custom Fields icon is not listed in my Layout Editor. The icon that looks like what is in your document show my house info instead. I'd like my rental agreement to be an optional link available for viewing on various pages.

  • Hi @mary-freiberg,

    Sorry for the delay in this response. You can only add custom fields to property detail pages on multi-property website. To do so, enter the layout editor for any one of your property detail pages. It should be available as a widget that you can drag and drop in.

    0_1523986971712_Screen Shot 2018-04-17 at 10.40.29 AM.png

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    I just tried to do this. I have a rental agreement as a custom defined field. But when I drag this widget to my site, instead of allowing me to use a custom field, it just prints the Additional Info section.

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