How do I find a "failed" reservation request?

  • Leader

    I noticed a failed payment attempt in Stripe - someone trying to directly book on my website, but the payment failed. No further attempts - and the name doesn’t tie to any existing inquiries. Is there a way to find the details of their reservation request so that I might contact them to help them complete the booking?

  • MyVR Employee

    If someone tried to book directly on your site, with no prior engagement and their card failed, we don’t currently have a feature that would allow you to re-market to them. Its very much something that we have thought about though. Feel free to suggest it as a feature, I’d be particularly interested to know what aspects of it you’d like to see. Just an email list for example?

  • Leader

    @Tristan-Brotherton - I’d like to see the requested reservation entered as a “tentative” reservation so that we can see what they were trying to book. It could be flagged as a “failed payment” and placed in our inbox.

    I will do a feature request too 🙂

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