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    I added a “Press” page and a blog post page to my website, and hit the green button on it to go live, but do not see it on my web page. Want them to be on the top menu. Can anyone help? Also, I want to rename the link at the bottom called “Jill’s Custom Page” does anyone know how to do that?

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    Hi @Jill-Evarts - you’ll want to edit the navigation on your website in order to have your blog or any pages appear. We had another thread address adding new pages to your website’s navigation. Thanks!

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    I watched the tutorial. Screen on tutorial different than mine.
    I go to website on the side menu bar.
    Select: My Website, I get my listing, type: single user
    Select: the Manage button at the far right
    Select: the Pages and Content button to the left

    This takes me to either layout editor or content editor neither option offers: Edit settings or header navigation settings. So stuck again. Sigh…
    Thank you~

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    Hi Jill,

    1. Click on websites in the navigation

    2. Click on your website

    3. Click on design & branding (you can also do it in the page editor, but this may be easier for you)

    4. Click edit design

    5. Click navigation

    6. Find and drag the link to your press page and drag it to where you want it

    7. Save the navigation

    8. Close the design editor

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    OK. That did the trick. Thanks. But I am out of space. Can you point me to where I would learn to create a drop down menu?

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    Hi Jill,

    Just follow the same steps, (you’ll need to delete something to make space).

    On step 6, instead drag in the drop down menu.


    Once you’ve done that click to open the dropdown menu (A) (name it by editing “dropdown name” and drag in the pages you want into it.


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