How do I prevent instant bookings with Airbnb?

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    Hello last night we had a reservation request for AirBnB and VRBO come in at the same time. Since AirBnB reserves automatically the AirBnB folks got the time. Is there a way to fix it so AirBnB is handled the same as VRBO? If not how dow we cancel AirBnB?

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    Hi Sandy,

    In your Airbnb listing, go to “Calendar and More” and then select “Booking”

    Go to “Who can book instantly”

    and then

    “Choose who can book available days without requesting approval.”

    "Guests who meet your requirements and agree to your rules
    Anyone else must send a reservation request."


    "No one. All guests must send reservation requests."

    If you select the first option above, people can book without your approval.

    The second option allows you to approve the booking first.

    Airbnb, of course wants you to select the first option and they say you will get more bookings.

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    Danny - AirBnB’s “How Guests Book” option is grayed out. And on the Listing Preview Page it has the note “(some info can only be changed on MyVR)”. The instant booking on MyVR’s booking page is turned off. But we still keep getting instant bookings without any opportunity to review before we accept. We had to cancel one reservation that did not meet our minimum stay requirements and got a nasty-gram from AirBnb putting us on notice for canceling reservations. Now what?


  • Hi Sonia,

    Airbnb’s official integration currently requires that listings be instant bookable. This is true for all listings posted to Airbnb through partners like MyVR. Regarding getting a booking that didn’t meet your minimum stay requirement, this shouldn’t happen. We sync minimum stay requirements, as outlined in your rates, with Airbnb. Please send a bug report to our support team if this is still an issue


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    I have noticed that I can use AirBnb WITHOUT the MyVR integration and do not have to use Instant Booking. They definitely push it, but I prefer (at least at this juncture) to converse with my potential renters before they book. Right now I’m not integrating with MyVR due to this – which obviously has its own problems. Has this been changed, or am I still required to instant book in order to have MyVR integration?


  • Hi @marty-rowland,

    It’s still the case that instant booking is required in order to use the full Airbnb integration.

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    @wendy-gold thanks for the quick answer. Are there plans to integrate without instant booking?


  • Hi @marty-rowland-0,

    We would love to integrate Airbnb without instant booking however it’s a restriction imposed by Airbnb on all integrated listings. If this ever changes, we will let you know.

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