Adding more than 1 email in a reservation

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    Hi MyVR,

    Is it possible to add more than on e-mail address in a booking in the ‘Renter’ field?
    We have guests - say 4 colleagues from a company - who have booked our apartment and staying together.
    They are requesting us to send all the information to multiple emails - of all the 4 different people who are coming.

    Anyway to add multiple emails (like CC)?



  • Hi @Vivin-Vaid,

    While you can only record one email address on a reservation or inquiry, you can add email addresses as CC’s for any email you manually send.



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    Hi Danny,

    Thanks for the feedback.

    The reason we would have liked this feature (a CC field) is because we have set up multiple auto responders per bookings - and its not possible to send them manually due to sheer volume.

    Hopefully, it gets added later as part of your upgrade plan.


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    Until that feature is added, I’d remember to update each of the automated emails in your outbox queue with the additional guest email addresses.

    I have had a similar request once before, which created an avalanche of replies…so now at the time of booking, I confirm their email and tell them that this is the ONE address used for all email communications and that they will be responsible for passing information along. Otherwise, you’ll have 4 people replying back to you, and asking duplicate information.

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    Example - 3 people asked me how much toilet paper was provided, what kinds of coffee, …etc. etc. I felt like I needed to coordinate who was to bring what for them…lol

  • @Jenny-Oest said in Adding more than 1 email in a reservation:

    I’d remember to update each of the automated emails in your outbox queue with the additional guest email addresses.

    This is a great idea! You can edit scheduled emails from Messages > Outbox


    You can also edit all scheduled emails for a single reservation by going to the Timeline tab of a reservation and choosing to view Future events

    0_1491410267303_screenshot 2.png

    Clicking either of these buttons will pull up the template editor, including the following fields

    0_1491410297499_Screen Shot 2017-04-05 at 9.34.52 AM.png

    Thanks for the suggestion, @Jenny-Oest!

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