MyVR Integration in WordPress to Pull properties. Is it possible?

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    WordPress Website Integration - Can I can Integrate MYVR in WordPress website to pull properties or it’s not possible to pull listing in third party websites/CMS like WordPress?

  • Hi John,

    We do not currently have any prebuilt solutions for integrating with WordPress. However, you can pull property, availability, and booking data from MyVR via API to make a website on any platform. That includes WordPress. If you or someone you hire is familiar with RESTful APIs or Javascript, you can make a website for your property – or multiple properties – that is always up to date with the data in MyVR. In other words, using these tools you can make a MyVR integrated website on WordPress or any other platform.

    We also offer some widgets that make it easy to get the most crucial data in MyVR into a custom website. We currently have a Booking Widget that adds a button to your website that directs users to a page where they can book your property. We also have a Calendar Widget that shows both availability and rates for a property.


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    Hi John,
    YES, you can! We switched to a Wordpress website ( for our two houses in September 2016. We are thrilled.

    Everything works with MyVR: calendar synching, credit card payments and deposit refunds, email alerts about inquiries from HomeAway/VRBO, writing and sending emails (custom and automated), synching with HomeAway/VRBO (we withdrew from Airbnb since it wasn’t giving us quality inquiries), MyVR reports, etc.

    We continue to receive superb support from MyVR.

    To build our website, I hired a fantastic designer-developer team, and provided the images, videos and content. We worked together on design and navigation. They took care of building the site, all tech details, coordinated plugins with MyVR, and trained me on how to update content.

    One of our goals from the beginning was to attract quality guests. This influenced how we furnished our houses and how we communicate what our area and houses offer. Our website is often the first impression, and we wanted prospective guests to feel “THIS is the house I want!”

    It’s all working, Only two inquirers have asked if we’d discount our rate. After politely describing the advantages our houses offer, each booked at full price within 24 hours. Guests have indeed been our ideal: they respect our property and house rules, are telling their friends, and rebooking.

    If you’d like to know more, email me at

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