How to run an INSTANT QUOTE for a quick phone call

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    One of the features I’ve requested for a future MyVR update is the ability to get a FAST QUOTE for any given property and dates without entering the guests personal information first. I often get phones calls asking me for quotes, and the caller really doesn’t want to give out email and phone number (or sometimes even full name) until they hear the quote and know if we’re in the same ballpark.

    Here is my “quick fix” to generate instant quotes until we get that feature!

    First, create a new inquiry named INSTANT QUOTE, and use your own email address. You can skip the phone number if you like since it’s optional. You’ll always want to keep this inquiry on page one of your INBOX, so depending upon how you use it, you may have to bump it up.


    I usually keep this inquiry window open somewhere on my desktop.

    Then when you need an instant quote, just select that inquiry, and select the quotes tab.


    When you create a new quote, be sure to save it.


    Then if the guest decides to share their contact info and have you send them the quote, you can change all the contact info, and send it to them. Then create a new INSTANT QUOTE entry. Be sure to cancel any quotes that don’t apply to their inquiry.

    If they don’t want you to email it, then just cancel the quotes and save the inquiry for the next phone call! 🙂

    Hope this helps!


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