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    Some of my properties are listed on Homeaway as Branson, MO while others are listed as Reeds Spring. Can I adjust this. Under my properties page I have them listed as Branson, MO.

  • Hi @Chad-Service,

    This is not something you can adjust. We simply pass the address that you entered in MyVR to HomeAway. Most likely the issue is on HomeAway’s end. They may be incorrectly parsing the address we send them. I’ve created a support ticket for this issue to start the process of us investigating.

    Looking at one property with this issue, it seems like it might be caused by the difference between the street being referred to as a “Circle” or a “Drive”. A “Circle” – what you have entered – exists in Reeds Spring while a “Drive” exists in Branson. I’ll be more specific in the support ticket, as I don’t want to publish the full address of your property here.


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