Vacation Home Rentals is now Trip Advisor...

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    I have all of my properties listed on, but now they have rolled into FlipKey and TripAdvisor as a listing, and I’m confused. I can no longer login, and can’t reach a real person for help. In addition, all the inquiries coming in (and there are a fair number) are going to the wrong email address and not to MyVR. They used to go to the other messages section of MyVR, but now they are going to my personal email account.

    Is anyone else having this issue - whom did you contact to fix this? HELP!



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    Hi Jenny,

    Yes I just noticed this myself. It is confusing. One thing I found out and to be aware of: I have paid annual subscriptions at VHR. When I logged into TripAdvisor they asked me if I wanted to set up online booking. I did so but then realized that they charge 3% per booking, regardless of whether you have an annual subscription or free listing. I have now turned off online booking and will continue to use it as a lead generator and direct people to our website. (I may go to “pay per booking” when my subscription runs out).

    Anyway, I have a phone number for VHR (844-866-3782). You will get a live person and they will answer questions about TripAdvisor. Good Luck!

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    @John-Klein thank you! Yes I have a paid subscription but don’t want to pay twice.

    Is this now a lead generator that can be integrated with MyVR?

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    That’s a good question, as we have FlipKey (which is part of TripAdvisor) as a MyVR channel.

    MyVR peeps - anything coming soon about integrating TripAdvisor and VacationHomeRentals?

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    I cancelled my VHR account a few months back even though I paid for a platinum listing. Having two listings on Flipkey for the same cabin was confusing people. They were concerned that my property was a scam because the listings were for the same cabin but differed slightly. Do you have the same problem?

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    No, I only have the VHR flat rate listing. I wasn’t going to renew but they explained that I would get Trip Advisor and Flipkey exposure soon too, so I’m trying another year. I may switch to PPB next year if the numbers don’t improve.

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    @John-Klein said in Vacation Home Rentals is now Trip Advisor...:

    MyVR peeps - anything coming soon about integrating TripAdvisor and VacationHomeRentals?

    This is something that TripAdvisor has been working on (basically, adding VHR to their integrated platform so that it becomes part of their bundled offering for integrated partners). I don’t know the latest timing on this, but we can check in with them and will do so. We should actually see them in a few days at VRMA.

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