How do you catch inquiries that violate booking terms?

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    I have set some specific booking terms for online booking:

    Minimum Stays (some dates 3 nights, others 7)
    Occupancy Numbers (vary by property)
    Turn Dates (Sat to Sat stays)

    I don’t tend to get booking requests that violate these terms, but I DO often get inquiries that don’t comply. I try to catch them, but I sometimes miss them. It’s gotten me tied into a booking more than once that I didn’t really want.

    Does anyone know of the best way to catch these when they come through? I don’t want to block them - I’d prefer to just ‘flag’ them somehow so that I can address the issue with my reply.




  • Hi @Jenny-Oest ,

    One way to flag these noncompliant inquiries would be to create inquiry responders that catch them immediately. Speedy follow up emails explaining the rules that an inquiry breaks could help you still get the booking without needing to bend your rules. Unfortunately, it sounds like the rules you have in mind aren’t covered by the logic available to our inquiry responders. Sounds like a good feature request!


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    I’m pretty sure I’ve already submitted this as a feature request. I was just hoping to find out how others are handling these situations.

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