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    We selected the Classic Luxury Template for our website because it has a banner slider and we can change the theme to white. The problem is we cannot remove the search engine unlike the other template Luxury Slider. We want to stick with Classic Luxury coz it suits our taste but can you help us remove the search engine? or give us an option to remove it?


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    Hi Chris,

    To clarify, are you trying to remove this black bar?


    If that’s the case, you can remove it with custom CSS. Which you can add to either the entire site to remove it from every page, or a specific page.
    Be careful though, you may want those controls on your property list page.

    The custom CSS would be:

    <style type='text/css'>
    .lower-search-container {
       display: none;

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    To add this CSS for your entire site (remove from every page) you’ll need to go to Additional Options / JavaScript CSS


    To add to a specific page, you can find the option under SEO & settings in the page list:

    Then add your CSS to the advanced tab:


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    Thanks Tristan – It worked!

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    Hi Tristan, that page-level CSS tab is not present on single-property template. If I want to include custom CSS on one page, I have to add it to the layout as an HTML block. Not ideal because if the HTML block contains only a few lines of code and no text or other element, it’s invisible on the layout until you ‘mouse-over’ the right spot. I try to always put it at the very top so I remember where to look for it, but custom settings should really be more obvious (and preferably in the <HEAD> section).

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