What happens if I change my multi property template?

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    I’m having photo and slide show issues with the template I am currently using. I am wondering if I can change to a different template without losing my existing work.
    I only have this problem with my greekvacationrentals.com website, not with my magicfactorylofts.com website, so I can only assume it is the template I’ve chosen.
    The issues seem to only effect some people who visit the site, but it means I’m having to send folks to other sources to view photos so I’ve got to resolve it.

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    @Carole - I think it would depend upon what you mean by “existing work”.

    I’m giving an educated guess here, but if you’ve customized a specific template, you’d probably lose that - it would populate the new template with your existing page information.

    I think the rule of thumb would be, if you customized it within the left hand tabs or property data sections, it should carry over. If you customized a change within one of the editors, it will probably be replaced when the template changes.

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    The general rule provided by @Jenny-Oest is correct - we do what we can to transfer information across templates, but not all templates have the same structures/components, meaning there may not be a corresponding place for the information to exist on the new template. Since your property information is pulled from the setting you have in place under Properties > My Properties, that information will remain constant. As such, there is a risk of data loss when switching templates if you have added customized content directly through the website editor.

    One option you have is to create a duplicate, unpublished “test” site in your account. This would give you the opportunity to play with a site that has all the same pages as your current site, but it will allow you to switch templates and see the results, as well as save changes, without jeopardizing your current public website. Once everything is configured appropriately, you could then switch your main domain(s) to point to this new site. We can actually duplicate your current site on the backend, so let us know if this is something you want to do and we can create that duplicate site in your account.

    Lastly, if you have any more information on this - “The issues seem to only effect some people who visit the site…” - please submit an issue in the support form. Our templates set up to render consistently across platforms, so if some platforms are not behaving as expected, we certainly want to hear about it. Thanks!

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    @Markus-Nordvik Am sending more info to support.
    I would also like to see if you can duplicate my current greekvacationrentals.com site so I can set it to a different template. Should I send this to support?

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    @Carole You, or anyone else, can shoot me a direct message in the community and I can handle from there. Thanks!

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    So I just noticed I was being charged for 2 multi property websites? I guess I didn’t realize the test site would cost us anything while we tried to shift over. At least I didn’t see it anywhere in this thread.

    Is the test copy website for the new template we are experimenting with $50 / month?

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    @Chad-Service Hey Chad, feel free to submit a support ticket if you feel you were incorrectly billed for a second website, we’d be happy to straighten that out for you.

    You can create as many test sites as you like free of charge, provided you don’t publish them. Unpublished websites can be previewed in their entirety from within your account so you can get a feel for what they look like. We only charge for websites when they are published and with your approval.

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    So we are about finished and ready to switch over to the new template we have been working on. The only thing not ready is the Blog but I hear there may be no easy way to transfer that data over.

    Could someone walk me through the steps? We already have the new website designed on a non published site. We just need to publish it and replace the older one with it.


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    I should have mentioned we are actually more interested in changing the domain name from rental.clearlakeinvestment,com to www.clearlakecondorentals.com if that is possible.

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