When should I "record nights as unavailable in reports" in my calendar events?

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    Can someone explain this to me?
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    I have two penthouses A & B, which can be booked individually. Each property is listed on VRBO and synced to MyVR.

    I have one penthouse SkyVilla, which is actually A & B combined, and it can be booked by its own name. It is listed by itself on my website, but not advertised anywhere. As soon as A or B books, I go to my MyVR calendar and block the SkyVilla manually.

    When I do this, I have the option to toggle on or off “Record nights as unavailable in reports”. I recognize that it will impact reports generated but I don’t get which way I should toggle this in order for it to impact my reports. In other words, once the Villa is booked for 5 nights, A& B are no longer available so that removes 10 available nights. Once A or B is booked for 5 nights, the Villa is no longer available so that removes 5 available nights.

    I have read the help files but I don’t understand what this means.
    Can someone help clarify this?

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    @Carole Hi Carole - in this specific case, where you have two sub-units and one master unit, I would treat that blocking calendar event as an unavailable night. The booking in unit A or B that causes the block has removed that master unit from contention. To be clear on the purpose of that setting, it is so that your performance reports (in the Reporting section) are accurate. For example, your occupancy reports shouldn’t be adversely affected if the property could not be booked.

    Also, I wanted to make sure you knew that you can automate the blocking of the master calendar. You could create a new calendar connection in MyVR, and then export the calendars from A and B and import them into the master unit. More on how you manage calendar syncing.

    Lastly, I slightly modified your post title.

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    Thanks @Markus-Nordvik I did not know I could do that.

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