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    Can someone explain return email addresses within MyVR? I was under the impression that each property has its own distinct email within myvr (one that starts with the property name and ends with
    I am wondering if it is possible to forward emails to this address in order to get them included in the timeline within the dashboard (for example if a guest writes to me at my address and I want to have that correspondence tracked within the guest’s booking in my MyVR dashboard.

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    @Carole - I tried the same thing a while back. If/when you forward an email to the MyVR system, it places it in the messages folder, and you have to manually create a new inquiry to create the conversation thread. But the original message (from any outside source) doesn’t follow the inquiry thread. I’ve submitted that as a feature request - feel free to do the same 🙂

    I think at some point if MyVR roles out a bigger feature piece like more of an email client, those are good things to include.

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