Best Practices for Using the INBOX?

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    I’m wondering how other use their inbox. More specifically, WHEN do you decide to archive an inquiry?

    In the past, I’ve always archived them after their inquiry dates have past. But now I’m wondering if it makes more sense to archive them once the follow up has been completed and they’re unlikely to book for those dates?

    I’ve been leaving them in the inbox in case I have cancellations or vacancies to fill as possible contacts, but I can search the archives as easily as the inbox, so I’m thinking that might not make sense.

    Thoughts? How do others navigate this?



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    Great question! I also wonder about this - but here’s what I do …
    I send follow-up emails to inquiries 24 hours after I reply if I have not heard back from them. I then send another follow-up (different template) 3 days later. Sometimes they reply that they booked something else. At that point I archive the inquiry. Sometimes they reply that they are waiting for a specific date to decide, and I make a note to follow-up then day after whatever it was they were waiting for (for ex: “we’re getting together with our friends next weekend to go over plans for our trip” and so I make a note to follow-up the Monday after). If they reply that they are not booking my place at this point I archive.
    If they’re still hanging, I send an email anytime I get an overlapping inquiry, and anytime I get an overlapping booking. If it is an overlapping booking and I no longer have anything in any of my places, I archive.
    Once I have sent 4 follow-ups with no response I archive.

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    @Carole - do you also archive the inquiry threads for actual reservations?

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    When I remember 🙂 … after they have completed their stay.

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