How do I modify a fully paid reservation?

  • A guest paid and i accepted a reservation via the MyVR managed site / stripe today. I need to move the booking out by a day (later) but pricing will remain unchanged. How do i go about modifying the reservation dates without changing payment / billing etc?

    “Modify the reservation terms” linked to from is sadly borked…


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    When you create a new quote for the revised dates, leave the price the same. It will automatically apply any existing payments to the new payment schedule.

    If the new price is higher, it will reflect a balance due and ask for a payment due date. If the new amount is less, it will reflect a credit for refund immediately.

    Then change the reservation terms to the new quote. Once the guest accepts the terms, or you accept manually on their behalf, the new terms will be approved and processed accordingly.

  • MyVR Employee

    @Robin First off, the link in that help article is un-borked now 🙂 This is the article you want. It goes into detail about how you would modify the terms of a reservation.

    But I also want to address your specific use case. If you only want to adjust a night, but don’t want to adjust the price, follow the instructions in the article above, change the stay dates on the first tab (Stay Details), and then on the second tab (Rental Terms) we give you the ability to quickly remove any change in price (the change in price happens because usually changing the length of the stay automatically changes the rent and/or fees):


    Hat tip to @Jenny-Oest on some good tips as well!

    Lastly, as is my habit, I slightly modified your post title to make this topic easier for others to find. Thanks!

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