How do I edit website components that turn gray when I hover over them (Page vs. Dynamic components)?

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    I follow the tutorial, it says hover over the text you want to change and nothing happens.
    We’ve had a tax rate change and it’s very frustrating to not be able to edit it.
    can you be editing on google chrome or do you have to use a different browser?
    Any help greatly appreciated.

  • MyVR Employee

    @Robert-Durocher When changing information that you have set in the Properties section (Properties > My Properties in your MyVR account), you will need to return to that section to make future edits. In this case, the tax that you set was in Properties > My Properties > [property name] > Fees.

    In general, when in the website editor and you hover over a component to make edits:

    1) Green: this means you can make modifications in the website editor; no outside source is controlling this component. These are called Page Components in the Layout Editor.


    For example, an image you drag onto the page is a Page Component.


    2) Gray: this means you need to leave the website editor to make edits; the component is pulling in information from somewhere else (usually the Properties section of your MyVR account). These are called Dynamic Components in the Layout Editor.


    For example, your properties rates and fees are Dynamic Components.



    Lastly, I modified the title of this post to make it easier for others to find. This is an important distinction you’ve highlighted. Thanks!

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