HomeAway payments for pre-MyVR booking

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    I have some bookings that were made prior to our MyVR integration. The initial deposit was made through HomeAway. The reservation synced into MyVR and the MyVR system told me that the guest’s balance was due on a certain date. Unbeknownst to me, the guest had gone into their booking on HA a week prior to the due date and paid the balance. I did not know this nor was I notified, and the booking didn’t get updated on the MyVR side.
    I have a few more bookings like this, so I want to make sure I get them off of the HA side as I do not want VacationRentPayment/Yapstone handling my money.
    Can you guide me on the best way to do this? I’m concerned because when I log into the HA/VRBO dashboard it tells me if I alter anything I will mess up my integration.

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    @Carole HomeAway will continue to process all scheduled payments for reservations booked using the HomeAway Reservation Manager, even after the transition to MyVR management. So if you duplicate/sync any of those reservations made independently at HomeAway into your MyVR account, the guest could potentially pay on either platform. One option you would have if you do have duplicate reservations with future scheduled payments is to mark the payment as “paid” in either HomeAway (if you want to collect the payment in MyVR) or in MyVR (if you want to collect the payment in HomeAway). To record a payment in MyVR, head to the Payments tab of the reservation:


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    @Markus-Nordvik Thanks. I was concerned about marking it as paid in the HomeAway system - which is my preference. I will do that.

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