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    I was wondering how we get channel payments when a client pays through them, like when they book on VRBO? Does that go automatically into our myvr payment channel?

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    @Casey-Lockhart This works a little bit differently per channel, so we have laid out the way each channel is set up. You can find this information both on the website, and also in your account if you head to the Apps > Marketplace section. I’ll outline how to get at this information in either location.

    1. On, head to the Applications overview in the Products section. Click on the Channel App you are interested (e.g. Airbnb for Owners, HomeAway for PMs), and then click on How It Works.


    Scroll down till you find Renter Transactions & Bank Transfers. Each channel app has this section, and it defines where renter credit card transactions are processed (in your MyVR account vs. in your channel account) when a renter books online. It also explains how and when funds are transferred to your bank account.


    1. In your MyVR account, head to Apps > Marketplace. Filter by marketing channels.


    Click on a channel and, as in #1 above, head to How It Works > Renter Transactions & Bank Transfers.

    Hope that helps!

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