Do bookings taken in my TripAdvisor/FlipKey account show up in MyVR?

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    It looks like we received a booking in tripadvisor but even after being paid in full it never showed up as a reservation.

    My GM discovered it and manually input the reservation. Is this a bug or do we have some settings that need to be adjusted?


  • Hey @Chad-Service,

    Thanks for another great community question.

    For Property Managers, bookings accepted from TripAdvisor must be managed in the TripAdvisor dashboard. This is a limitation of FlipKey / TripAdvisors functionality. We’re hopeful and have heard they’re working on some solutions to this, but for now, you’ll need to enter those reservations from TripAdvisor / FlipKey into your MyVR account manually.

    For Owners, listings on FlipKey do not accept bookings, and will only generate leads that can be converted to bookings from MyVR.

  • MyVR Employee

    @Chad-Service I’ll add that this differs per channel. I wrote a post on where you can find the details of this for each channel.

    Also, I slightly modified the title of this post to make it easier to find for others. Thanks!

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