How do I put a photo slideshow in our website's banner?

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    Hi Team,

    Can we have an option to photo slide the Banner in our Website? We would like to display number of sliding photos in our Website Banner but the template that we are using does not have that option. I know that there is a specific template that can do that but we like the color theme of our current template the only problem is it does not have an option to photo slide the banner.

  • MyVR Employee

    Hi Chris,

    As you noted your current template does not have that feature. I would suggest changing your template to the “Luxury” template, that will give you a slideshow on the home page.

    You can then change the color scheme to “light header” in the design editor, and you’ll have a very similar looking website:


  • Hi @Chris-Rivers,

    Heads up: I editted the title of this post to make it easier to find for future MyVR users.


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