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    I recently had a guest book online in which the payment processor Stripe charged them the full amount including refundable security deposit. Now that they have completed their stay will stripe automatically issue the refund or do I have to manually transact this through stripe or myvr? If I have to manually issue the refund of the security deposit can someone tell me how to go about doing this?

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    @Blane-Kingsmore We do not automatically refund security deposits, but we have a project in the works that will help make returning refunds easier (another thread on this subject).

    To refund the security deposit, you’ll head to the reservation detail view and click on the Refund Deposit button. You can then issue a full or partial refund back to the card. It’s worth noting that all Stripe payment processing fees for Stripe accounts created before Sept. 14th 2017 will also be refunded.


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    Is there a way to ensure the security deposit is refunded after I have done this, or do I have the ask the renter? Will the refund come out of my bank account through stripe? I have looked online at the stripe customer help, but I can’t seem to find out the entire business process for this. Thanks for your help.

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    • you have no way to verify that the guest has received it - only that Stripe has sent it. If you log directly into Stripe, you can search under payments for the customer name. The drop down will show you the transactions for that name.


    When you click on the transaction for the original payment, you can see how much of that payment was refunded.


    If you’d like to send an email receipt to your customer to document the refund, scroll down to the connections area:


    Click on Send Receipt, and in the pop up window, enter the email address to receive the receipt.


    Hope that helps!


  • Thanks for providing such a detailed walkthrough, @Jenny-Oest. You have definitely earned that “Leader” title!

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