Is SMS integration on the cards?

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    Would love to send out text messages to our guests about their reservations and important reminders.

    We have noticed that guests check their text messages much more than their emails!

    Any suggestions? Any plans for bringing in any SMS apps?


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    Hi @Vivin-Vaid -
    This would be a powerful feature and something I'd love to see us add. We generally don't speak to feature requests in the community forum, as we use it exclusively to help users get answers to questions about how to use the product (and we have separate tools for managing new features). I'd suggest submitting this and any request as a suggested feature. Items that get requested a lot get added to our "vote for features" tool in the product, which is an input to our product road map.

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    Jonathan -
    this is definitely something that many of us would use extensively. we'd love to see this in place. If you need any beta testers, or earlier, help in defining the use cases, we'd be happy to do so.

    we currently us SMS a lot for guest welcome and troubleshooting, notifying cleaners and check-in staff, and automation for pool heating...

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    Until that's an added option, I'm thinking of checking out an Ifft option to convert an email to a legible text. I don't have it yet, but when I do I'll post.

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    I use a free SMS program called Pushbullet at my computer. You can find it at

    I have messages and responses that are regularly used set up . Saves me a lot of time. This might be a good alternative until MyVR integrates a SMS feature.

    I was just looking at Pushbullet and noticed it had API. The MyVR team may be able to use this. API is way beyond my skill level. :)

    0_1492491739895_Screenshot 2017-04-17 23.57.02.png

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    @Donna-Notaro - are you using the free version or an updated pay version for this?

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    @Jenny-Oest I'm using the free version.

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    @Donna-Notaro - I went to the site and got a free account, but it looks nothing like yours above. I can't even sync my devices. I've added phone and ipad but they won't appear and I followed all of the help suggestions. So I can't share anything... am I looking at the right software?

    0_1493243109720_Screen Shot 2017-04-26 at 5.43.41 PM.png

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