Custom email address for domains purchased through MyVR?

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    Is it possible to get a business email with the domain purchased through MyVR? If not, how would you recommend getting a business email account?

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    Hi @Alexander-Concepcion

    It's possible. You can use Google Apps or whatever tool you'd like. If the domain was purchased through MyVR, then that means you don't have access to change the DNS settings when configuring whatever tool you have chosen to manage your email. So, you can go one of two paths:

    1. submit a support request to have us update the domain's settings when you're setting up your email provider (and each time in the future you need something adjusted), or
    2. send us a domain transfer request (from the domain registrar you use) if you want to transfer management of the domain from us to you.

    I'd probably recommend #2 to give you complete control, but we are happy to update the settings for you if you'd like to go option #1. We're indifferent and happy to help in any way.


    p.s. I modified the title of the post slightly so that it's easier to find in the future by others.

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    Note that if you choose Option #2, you will need to pay a hosting site, and then pay for the renewal each year. That may be worth it to you for the control of your email, but unless you're hosting other web activity, that may become an added expense to you.

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    Good morning @Jenny-Oest -
    What "hosting" cost are you referring to? I was merely referring to where the domain name management sits - not who hosts the website. MyVR would still host the website. Am I misunderstanding your point?

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    @Jonathan-Murray - I was under the impression that you could host your own domain, but if you want to have additional services like email, you need to pay for the hosting services as well. Is that not correct? I pay for hosting services under iPages (for other domains and sites as well), even though Premium Beach Condos is managed under MyVR. But I was under the impression that I could only get email services for that because I have a paid hosting account.

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    There are free and paid email tools. If he chooses a paid email application, that cost exists regardless of where the domain is held. We don't currently offer what Alex is asking for, so there is no change in cost based on whether or not we're holding the domain for him. Make sense?

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    @Jonathan-Murray - yes - I must have the paid option - I got it so long ago, I'm not sure why I chose that. LOL

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    @Jenny-Oest what are you using? personally, I feel like paying for google apps for email is worth it. I don't think the free tools are very good (at least, last time I checked).

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    @Jonathan-Murray - I'm using iPages email. I'm not familiar with the google option (yet).

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