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    Hi Team,

    We just want to verify, is there any way that when we shift guest to the different properties automated emails also change depending on the current quote which is active. Unfortunately, when shifting guest they are still receiving the default quote’s automated emails even it was cancelled.

    Best Regards,

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    Let me amplify the question.
    We booked a guest in one property. That property had a auto email linked to it.
    Then we moved the guest to another property. This new property had its own auto emails linked to it.

    However - the auto emails which continue to go out to guests, are from the initial property.

    The question - when we move the booking to another property - we would like those auto emails to go out which are linked to the new property.

    Hope I was able to explain the problem.

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    That sounds like a bug to reported if it isn’t already happening that way.

    I think auto emails should change when the reservation changes. The only exception should be if you edited an automatic email - then the change you’ve made would make it a “manual” one, and it should not change again unless you edit it?

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    @Jenny-Oest Thanks Jenny.
    The auto emails were not edited.

    We have different auto emails linked to different properties.

    Appreciate if the Support staff could take a look - and test it.

    Maybe we are making a mistake of not moving the booking to another property in the correct way. Do we have the procedure to ‘move a booking’ from one property to another one?

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    Hi Team,

    Do we have any update about this?


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    @Samantha-Gabrielle - I think it need to be submitted as a bug using the support channels for that.

  • Hi Samantha & Vivin,

    Thanks for bringing this to our attention. I think we may have just released a change that addresses this issue, but could you submit this as an Issue so we continue this discussion via email instead of the MyVR Community?

    We like to keep the Community focussed on topics in the realm of “how do I use MyVR?” This allows the Community to remain focussed on teaching people how to use MyVR instead of on bugs and feature requests.


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