Airbnb Pricing very different than mine

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    Could some one help give me a breakdown for airbnb’s pricing? Do they only use our nightly rate and nothing else? For example we have cleaning fees and LDW’s and tax when booked directly through us but airbnb is simply nightly rate plus airbnb’s service fee. Airbnb is significantly lower than my standard rates.

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    Airbnb says you can add a cleaning fee but I can’t seem to find out how.

  • UPDATE 2018-03-19: Flat per stay fees are now supported. 😍

    Hey @Chad-Service,

    Thanks for another great community question regarding our Airbnb integration.

    Quote Generation
    I’d like to start with an important note: Airbnb generates the quotes for Airbnb integrated listings. This means that MyVR will sync supported rates and fees to Airbnb, and ultimately Airbnb uses those raw numbers to generate a quote for a stay. Each channel works a little differently in this regard and the details can be found in the application marketplace app details for each. For some integrations, MyVR generates the quote and subsequently processes the transaction. For Airbnb, Airbnb generates the quote and processes the transaction. You’ll be paid out to the merchant account setup in your Airbnb account. The payout timeline is based on your cancellation policy.

    Depending on your region, Airbnb may or may not automatically collect and remit taxes on your behalf. Please review this article to determine if you’re in one of the supported locations and to learn more: You can either include or exclude taxes from your nightly rates from the Rates & Fees tab of your Airbnb listing in MyVR. If Airbnb is already collecting and remitting taxes on your behalf, you’d likely want to exclude taxes so you’re not charging taxes twice.


    Cleaning Fee

    We optionally send a flat rate, per stay, cleaning fee. MyVR does not yet have a way to distinguish a cleaning fee from other fees, so we’re currently syncing a MyVR fee as the cleaning fee if the fee contains the word cleaning in the name and is flat rate per stay, included by default and not optional. You can see if your cleaning fee is supported and syncing by looking at the Rates & Fees tab of the Airbnb listing in your MyVR account. You’ll want to double check that you’ve named your cleaning fee something like “End of Stay Cleaning Fee” or “Cleaning”

    Security Deposit
    Refundable security / damage deposits are also supported by Airbnb. If your property has a Refundable Security Deposit, that is Flat Rate Per Stay and included by default, that will be synced. Again, you can see if this fee is supported and syncing from the Rates & Fees tab of your Airbnb listing in MyVR.

    Nightly Rates
    There are a number of limitations to the rates and fees we are able to sync to Airbnb. As you know, the rate and fee structures in MyVR are quite flexible. We allow you to set specific week night, and weekend night as well as weekly and monthly amounts for different rate periods. Airbnb’s rate and fee structure is more rigid and as a result, we’re not able to sync every type of rate / fee in MyVR. The API supports sending an individual rate per night, a weekly and monthly price factor (a percentage of the nightly rate to discount), cleaning fee and security deposit.

    Any fees (excluding cleaning and security deposit) in MyVR that are per-stay are not included in the nightly rate (we do not have a way to distribute the rate evenly across nights without knowing the duration of a stay). Per stay fees are sent to Airbnb and are shown included in the nightly rate on their site. There is not a specific line item for per stay fees, but the nightly rate will be adjusted on the Airbnb side to reflect the amount increased per stay. We can include any percentage and flat rate per night rates into the nightly rate. If you have percentage of stay based taxes those will be applied and included to the nightly rate sent.

    Take for example your LDW rate. Because the basis is “Other” we default to a per-stay fee of $49. Given we’re syncing nightly rates, there’s no way to determine if we should increase each individual night by $49 or if we assume each stay is 5 days long and increase the nightly rate by $10?

    The best way to see what nightly rates are synced to Airbnb is to review the Rates & Fees tab of the Airbnb listing in MyVR. It’s also worth noting that Airbnb only supports round dollars for rates and fees so any numbers you see in this view will be rounded up before sending.

    0_1487182138441_Screen Shot 2017-02-15 at 10.00.05 AM.png

    I hope this helps clarify why your rates are appearing incorrectly, @Chad-Service. If you’re still seeing inconsistencies based on the information laid out here, please open a support ticket for us to investigate a specific listing for you.

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    Thanks, thats very helpful.

    All my properties have our cleaning fee labeled “cleaning fee”

    I notice for some of my airbnb request the cleaning fee shows up and others it doesnt. Is there a reason why?

  • Hey @Chad-Service,

    We’ll need to take a look at those specific reservations and try to determine if the cleaning fees were syncing when the reservation was submitted. As this is an individual case, I’ll reach out individually with an update soon

  • I just wanted to bump this thread and say that Airbnb just released support for per stay fees and we’ve implemented that new functionality. There are no steps needed on your part to include those per stay fees as they’ll get picked up when Airbnb pulls your listing next.

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