Can we switch to "Pay per Booking" model with the FlipKey channel?

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    The FlipKey channel does not bring me a lot of bookings. “Pay per booking” would make more sense for me. Flipkey offers “pay per booking” at I believe 3%. Can I switch to this model within the MyVR channel management model, instead of paying the subscription fee? If so, I will immediately add two more properties.

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    Hi @John-Klein

    We currently have two different integrations with TripAdvisor/Flipkey, each represented by a different app in the MyVR app marketplace. The TripAdvisor for Property Managers integration currently supports Pay-Per-Booking, but the TripAdvisor for Owners currently does not. I expect this may change in the future, but as of now, the Owner integration is inquiry only. This comes down to what the partner is able to handle via their channel management offering. TripAdvisor’s/Flipkey’s is a little more limited right now, but I believe that could change.

    For future reference, this info is shown in the description of the app in the App Marketplace. E.g.:

    E.g. here’s a screen shot of the Owner app noting that it is inquiry-only at this time:


    Hope that helps!

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    Got it. Thanks Jonathan.

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