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    Is there anyway we can enable Google Analytics ecommerce tracking so we can see revenue from bookings in Google Analytics?

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    Hi Conrad,

    Looking at the documentation you linked to, Google Analytics ecommerce tracking does not seem like it would be compatible with MyVR websites. Using that particular tracking feature requires deeply integrated javascript code specifically for the Google Analytics ecommerce tool. MyVR does not currently have this deep integration built into our websites.

    If you would like this feature, I recommend using the "Suggest Feature" option in the "Support" area of MyVR to let us know!

    I should point out, however, that you can track revenue using MyVR's own reporting tools. Just go to Reporting > Reports > Revenue Report in MyVR.


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    Danny, What's the status on tracking revenue by channel within GA? I see this conversation was almost a year ago, so hoping there has been updates since.

    We'd like to better understand our marketing efforts and which of those are generating bookings (i.e. social ads, email).

    On that note, possible to add a custom field in the booking process? Meaning a drop down with "how did you hear about us"?


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    Hi @Olivia-Inman - we released reservation conversion tracking last summer. You can see the product update in your account titled, "Websites: Reservation Conversion Tracking" - this would allow you to close the loop on your marketing campaigns.

    For custom fields in the booking flow, we do not have the ability to place these in the booking flow - this would be a great feedback request to send our way through I know that some people will send a survey/request for more info in an automated email (Stay Email) upon booking.


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    I did appreciate this update, Markus, however I am still holding out for true ecommerce tracking (showing revenue from bookings in Google Analytics).

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