Anyone using Chatbots on your site?

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    Hi All,

    I recently tried using Jivo Chat as an attempt to connect with visitors to our site real time and hopefully engage them more to increase conversions. While the Jivo Chat code seemed to work fine, allowing me to chat with site visitors, for some reason it wreaked havoc with the site editor causing it to crash frequently, kick me out of it randomly and over all make it un-useable. Everything seemed restored when I removed their Java code.

    That said, anyone using this type of service? Which one(s) have you tried/used and any recommendations?

    Thanks all!


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    Hi, I am using

    It was easy to install and I have not had any technical issues with, thus far.

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    @Darrell-Looney112 I have seen folks using Olark and as well.

    When it comes to adding custom code to the site, we can't guarantee the outside code will not interfere with our own (as you have found out).

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    Thanks a lot guys! I'll check those out. Also found out Facebook allows you to put messenger with chat on your site but I need to figure out how to manipulate the amount of space it takes up.

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    I was able to successfully add on my websites. It is totally free and was very easy to install.

    Below are the steps I used:

    Go to My Websites
    Additional Options
    Copy the script generated by to "Custom </BODY> HTML/Javascript "
    Save Changes

    0_1486689313476_Screenshot 2017-02-09 19.08.25.png

    The Chat Box shows up bottom right on every page of my websites. I opted to have the "Lets Chat" sign disappear when I am offline.

    You can check how it works on my websites at or

    0_1486689625549_Screenshot 2017-02-09 19.18.56.png

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    @Donna-Notaro Hi Donna! Thanks for sharing! I appreciate the help. Your place is beautiful!


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    @John-Klein - I've been hearing good things about this - are you still happy with it? Do guests use it often?

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    @Jenny-Oest I think it's pretty good, but honestly I haven't been getting a lot of action on it yet. I think this speaks more to generating more website traffic, though.

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    @Donna-Notaro - how does it know when you are on or offline? I tried it out, but I think you were offline, even though it said you were online.

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    @Jenny-Oest Hi Jenny, Sorry I missed your chat. I was near my computer, but I was on a phone call with an inquiry. I tried to get back to you but you were already off line.

    I can set the chat box to Online, Away, or Invisible. I usually forget to set it to Away. I can also answer a chat using my mobile phone if I'm not by my computer.

    I've had some action with the Chat box. One booking as a result. Three asking questions.

    The thing I like best about the chat box is the dashboard. I can see how many people visit my website and how many are return lookers. You were my missed chat. :)

    I can also see what city the visitor is from, what page of my website they are on, and what city they are from. It's really cool!

    0_1488165076932_Screenshot 2017-02-26 21.08.57.png

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    @Donna-Notaro I like that dashboard feature. Are you paying for this service?


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    No. is a free program. What's really cool is that it notifies me when someone is visiting my website, whether or not we chat. I can see the source where they found my website and I can even see what city they are in. I can also see if they are on a mobile device or a computer. It's very cool! Working flawlessly with MyVR.

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