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    When I post my website within a Facebook post, there’s a photo and a brief description that appears. The only photo that appears is the background image from my website. I tried posting the link for different pages, but I still get the same result. Is there a way to change the image that appears?

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    You can use this tool to check what Facebook sees on the page:

    The tags needed for a custom image are Open Graph Image tags, this allows for Facebook to crawl and show the picture you want. Not sure if that is an option in admin area at the moment, but could be helpful.

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    @Cindy-Nelson We don’t have a method of directly setting the image used at this time (it will default to your background image for your template), but that is a good one to submit as a feature request.

    As Conrad mentioned, you can see the image that will be used for posts using the Facebook developer tools.

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