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    I’ve uploaded photos for a test website I’m making. When I preview the website, only one of the pictures I upload appear for the property. The rest of the pictures I upload won’t appear in a slideshow.

    Also, is it possible to get a photo slideshow on the main page?

    0_1486243901525_no pics.png

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    @Alexander-Concepcion To add a generic photo slideshow to any page, use the Layout Editor to edit the page, and then from the left navigation select Page Components and drag in Photo Slideshow.

    For the multi-property website you are building, it looks like you used the Layout Editor to make changes to the property detail page. The property detail page is a template for how all your properties will show up when selected. Looking at your property detail page, the photo slideshow has been removed from the top of the page. You have two choices:

    1. Reset the page - head into the Layout Editor navigate to a single property (the property detail page) and hit Reset Page at the bottom left; you should see the photos return to the top.
    2. Add the property slideshow - go to the same place as in #1 above, click on Dynamic Components (note: this is a different photo slideshow than from the beginning of this post, the Dynamic Components > Photo Slideshow will pull in photos from a property, whereas the one above requires you to choose/upload photos to display) from the left navigation and drag Photo Slideshow where you want it to appear.

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    Thanks for the help! Got the slideshow on the individual property pages. Next, is it possible to make the main banner of the website into a slideshow so users can check out various pictures on the front page?

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    @Alexander-Concepcion That will depend on the website template you choose. We do have templates that include a slideshow at the top of some or all pages.

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