How do I sync a MyVR calendar to an existing TripAdvisor/FlipKey calendar?

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    How do I sync my MyVR calendar to an existing Trip Advisor site calendar?

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    @Sandy-Parlett For FlipKey/TripAdvisor, they currently only allow you to import calendars into your FlipKey calendar, they do not allow outside calendars like MyVR to pull a calendar in from FlipKey. So:

    [Yes] FlipKey <-- MyVR
    [No] MyVR <-- FlipKey

    Said another way, changes in MyVR can update the FlipKey calendar, changes in FlipKey cannot update the MyVR calendar.

    This is an overview of FlipKey’s calendar syncing.

    This is an overview of MyVR calendar syncing.

    You’ll want to set up a new Connection in MyVR (of type TripAdvisor/FlipKey), generate an export calendar link, and then enter that link into your FlipKey account.

    (I tweaked the title of your post to make it easier to find by others.)

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