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    Hello. I am trying to understand a couple things about when you set up as a channel through MyVR.

    1. For someone with less than 20 properties, what are the commission fees that are paid out per rental? MyVR is 1.49% and gets ???%

    2. When you set up your rental rates on can you adjust them higher so as to make up for the additional fees that you have to pay? Or do the rates have to conform with the rates that you have set up on MyVR?


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    Regarding question #1, this is the wording that comes along with the app:

    *How do I find out how much commission I will pay for bookings?

    When you add your property to, you pay commission for each booking. The commission percentage will be shown at the “Agreement” step of the registration process. At the end of each month, we’ll send you an invoice with the amount of commission owed.*

    Does any body have experience with what the commission percentage is?

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    Hi @John-Klein -

    On the commission, likes us to refer users to them so they can answer this question. They prefer we say something like “starts at 15% and visit for more info”.

    As of today, we do not offer variable pricing by channel, however this is something climbing up our wish list right now. I’d encourage anyone who hasn’t voted on new features yet to do that in our “Vote for Features” tool (and add details around what they want features to include). When we work on variable rates per channel, we’ll likely also look at varying availability by channel, which might be even more valuable for this particular channel. We’ve definitely heard from users that on some channels, they’d prefer not make highly desirable dates available (e.g. New Year’s Eve) or try to restrict turnover days, or min stays, by channel.

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    Hi Jon, Thanks for your reply.

    At 15% or higher I would be very hard pressed to use without variable pricing. It would cut too much into my margin.

    And yes, blocking dates was my next question. If understand correctly, there is no vetting with People simply book with no interaction with the PM or owner. This is also problematic because we have repeat customers in the high season that we give right of first refusal.

    I hope you can solve these soon. Otherwise, it’s a non-starter for me.

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    Hey John -
    Yes, you’re not alone on this one. It’s a common need. Consider throwing some votes toward this one in the ‘Vote for Features’ tool so we know where it ranks on your personal list.

    Note that has a ‘best rate guarantee’ in the contract that you’d sign with them, so they’re looking to ensure inventory managers aren’t charging extra on their channel. The ability to control which dates a channel can book may prove more helpful on

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    Hey Jonathan,

    I am very interested in but for the reasons mentioned above, I don’t think I can do it now. I wanted to give my comments in the voting tool, but unless I’m mistaken it’s not an option there. Let me know how I can provide my feedback so that it can be considered. Thanks!

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    Hi @John-Klein,
    Yes, I believe the functionality you’re looking to be added to (and other channels) is currently on the list of features that can be voted upon.

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    Hi Jon, There is a “Third party channel manager” in your voting option but I think this is something different then what I am looking for.

    In order to use, I’m looking for this:

    • Ability to adjust rental rates up to compensate for their 15%+ fee (I know at least one of your competitors does this, specifically with in mind. Very helpful feature).

    • Ability to block my calendar for as mentioned above. This is key since all reservations are binding.

    I would like (need) these features to be built in in order for me to forward.

    Another questions about does MyVR automate cancellations and refunds to guests? (I hear this is problematic if you are using as a standalone).


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    Hi @John-Klein -

    Yeah, it’s not the “Third party channel manager” one. It’s the one called “Rate & availability controls by integrated channel”. It’s exactly what you’ve outlined above.

    I am not sure I understand what “automating cancellations” means, but I know that we don’t do that. requires instant bookings - bookings are automatically accepted. Maintaining an accurate calendar is imperative for this channel. They do not take kindly to cancellations. Does that answer your question?

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    Thanks Jonathan, I see it now and have updated my votes and made my comments.

    The “automatic cancellation” thing is when the guest cancels and a refund is due back to them. I have heard that this can be painstaking with and want to make sure MyVR manages that through their system.

    I agree 100% with keeping calendars up to date, and furthermore need the ability to variably block certain dates on channels that mandate automatic bookings, like

    I encourage anyone who wants to use to get the vote out for “Rate & availability controls by integrated channel”!!! (just kidding, not really)

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