How do I include an optional fee as a default in all my quotes/booking requests?

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    I would like to create a default quote that includes a custom pet fee for instant online orders. I would like this fee to be optional for guests who plan to bring a pet. I am having trouble figuring out where and how to do this.

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    Hi @Dan-Bloch -
    Apologies for the delay! These are within settings on the fees you set up for your property.

    See screenshot below:

    It sounds like you want the fee to be displayed but optional (because it’s the renter’s choice whether to pay it or not). It is your choice whether to pre-check it by default and include in the cost (and make renters opt-out of the pet fee), or don’t pre-check (and it exclude from cost) it by default and make renters add it if they plan to bring a pet. I’d probably do the latter, but I could see arguments for doing either.

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    The title of this post has been slightly modified to help others find it in the future.

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