How do I deactivate a property and its listings?

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    We would like to temporarily disable our property, preventing it from showing up in VRBO and Homeaway. We don’t want to close our account however as we may reactivate it later this year. What is the best way to do this? I found the Deactivating our property option, if we deactivate our property is it easy to reactivate it when we’re ready to begin renting it again?

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    @Tom-Floyd No problem. A few steps you’ll want to take:

    1. Disable your HomeAway/VRBO syncing
    2. Deactivate your property (if you do not want it to be present anywhere or bookable)

    To disable your HomeAway listing, head to Channels > Full Integration > HomeAway App > [Choose Listing] > Manage. Then you can select Cancel Listing from the Actions dropdown.


    To deactivate your property, head to Properties > My Properties. Then you can select Deactivate from the Actions dropdown to the right of the property.


    Also, I slightly modified the title of your post to make it more general. Thanks!

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    @Markus-Nordvik - once de-activated, how do you keep it from appearing in the multi-property calendar page? I’ve deactivated one, but it still shows up there.



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    @Jenny-Oest Inactive properties are meant to be properties you want to setup/manage privately, but intend to bring live at some point. For this reason, they remain accessible in your MyVR account (but nowhere else). If you do not wish to manage the property at any level, than deleting the property would remove it from your MyVR account as well.

    That said, adding the ability to filter inactive properties from the calendar is a solid feature request.

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    @Markus-Nordvik but doesn’t deleting the property delete the history of the calendar, etc?

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    @Jenny-Oest Your records are generally saved after deleting a property (though I’m not totally sure what you mean by history of the calendar.

    For example, here is a reservation in an account where the property was later deleted.

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    @Markus-Nordvik - what I’m interested in is being able to go back to the deleted/inactive property calendar to view the reservation history by date - but I guess if the records are still on the reservations and inquiry pages, and I’m able to search by those fields, I could get what I need. I want to be able to go back and see who was inquiring about that unit during a particular time if I’m looking to fill a spot on my current/future calendar.

    For example, if I have an opening for Memorial Day weekend, I’d like to be able to go back to last year’s calendar and see who was inquiring or booked for that weekend last year (or maybe even the year before) that hasn’t re-booked. Then I could reach out to them. I do that on the multi-property calendar page right now, but maybe there’s an easier way.

    And BTW - you’re “My Second Property” photo looks a lot like my house! LOL! I had to take a second look!

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    @Markus-Nordvik thanks!!!

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