How to create an Auto message with Custom Fields

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    I’m a big fan of automated emails for key messages. Auto-sent emails with custom fields are a fantastic time-saver since you can attach pdfs and embed hyperlinks.

    These can be a bit cumbersome to set up. Here are the core moves that work for me. Please jump in if you know how to streamline this!

    To create a custom field
    Go to Properties
    My Properties
    Select property
    Select Custom Fields
    Enter info / upload pdf or enter hyperlink

    To create email with custom field
    Go to Setup
    Message templates
    My templates
    Click green “+ New Email” box

    Go to Automation
    Click on email type
    Click green “+ New Email” box
    Complete Basic Settings form, Send Time form, and Recipients form
    Click “Create”

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    @Sallie-Mitchell Hi Sallie - good question. My opinion, but I think the biggest question is whether to use a custom field in the first place. Generally speaking, a custom field is appropriate if:

    • You intend to use the same value (text, file upload, html code) in more than one place. E.g. If you put your custom field “Wifi Password” in your booking confirmation email and your welcome email.
    • You want a different value to show up for each property - either in an email or on your website. E.g. You have a custom field “Property Video Tour” you want to show up for each property page on your multi-property website; you have 5 properties but you want one welcome email template that has the custom field “Wifi Password”.

    Also, for those wanting a few reference points:

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