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    Received a message from airbnb about a potential booking. However, it only came to my cell phone via text, and I had to log in to to reply. I couldn’t find their message anywhere in myvr. Is there a step i missed that I need to do to make sure my messages go through myvr the same way vrbo and flipkey do?

  • Hey @Chad-Service,

    Thanks again for reaching out! On API integrated Airbnb listings guests will see a small link that says “contact host” this is a way for a guest to ask any questions and inquire about your property without instantly booking. These “contact host” messages are sent directly to the email address and phone number that was used to sign up for the Airbnb account. Unfortunately, these messages are not yet available via the API, but we do have a workaround.


    One way to have these messages flow through MyVR is to set the account email address at Airbnb to be the address formed by your account nickname All messages from Airbnb currently arrive in your inbox under other messages, and can be converted to inquiries from there.


    The account nickname is something that you can only set once in MyVR. When you first install the Airbnb application you’ll have an opportunity to set it. In your specific case, the nickname is already set and you can find it under account settings.


    Hope that helps!

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