VRBO First Payment pre-intergration, Balance due post-integration

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    I have a guest who booked online via HomeAway/VRBO before I was integrated with HomeAway/VRBO.
    They just paid their balance in response to the reminder they received from HomeAway/VRBO.
    Where does my money go?

    1. To HomeAway/VRBO (my old Vacation RentPay account)
    2. To Stripe
      I see the payment made on the HA/VRBO dashboard but not on the MyVR dashboard.
      But I don’t see the money anywhere (no email notice from VacationRentPay or Stripe).

  • MyVR Employee

    @Carole Hi Carole - payments for reservations made by the HomeAway Reservation Manager prior to integrating with MyVR will continue to be collected from within the Reservation Manager. So the payment you are referencing would have been processed by VacationRentPayment if you had set that up as your merchant account within the HomeAway Dashboard.

    All reservations created after the switch to MyVR management of the listings will have the payments managed/processed in the MyVR account.

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