Getting Started with the MyVR Community

  • Welcome to the MyVR Community! Here you can ask for help using MyVR, learn about vacation rental industry best practices, make connections, stay up-to-date on what MyVR is offering, and more. This post will go over the basic structure of the community.

    This is a summary of the full Getting Started with MyVR article that you can find here.


    Topics in the MyVR forum are broken into 5 main categories

    Topics in this category are all created by MyVR employees. They will contain announcements regarding MyVR and the community. These can include new feature releases, changes to community guidelines, and updates about MyVR as a company. While only MyVR employees can post topics, any community member can post comments to the topics.

    Get Help Using MyVR
    This is the place to go when you have a question that needs answering or when you want to help others. Questions should specifically be about using MyVR’s products. All topics must be in the form of a question in this category. They will each initially be labelled as unsolved. The original poster and MyVR employees can mark questions as solved once the question has been answered.

    MyVR Best Practices
    This category contains suggestions on how to get the most out of MyVR. When you find a useful workflow, a helpful feature, or a common pitfall in MyVR, share it with the community here. Posting in the Tips on Using MyVR category is a great way to help others while gaining clout in the MyVR Community.

    General Discussion
    The General Discussion area of the community is for unstructured conversations. This is a great place to connect with people in the industry and share experiences. Posts should be about the Vacation Rental Industry and MyVR only.

    Sneak Peeks
    Occasionally, MyVR will offer sneak peeks into what’s coming to the platform next. This can include written descriptions, screenshots, and videos of product ideas. It can also be invitations to try early versions of a new feature. Only MyVR employees can post topics, but any community member can post comments to the topics. Come here to stay up to date on what’s coming next and offer feedback into how it should be made. This category is only available to users with the Leader or Authority rank.


    When you write a post, you can assign tags to it. These tags categorize the post, making it easier for people to find in the future. Tags could be components of MyVR such as “Messages” and “Reservations”, or they can be industry terms like “Automatic Pricing”. You can search for posts by tags. You can also browse tags by clicking on the tags button in the navigation bar.

    Reputation, Votes, and Ranks

    The MyVR community rewards its members for contributing good content. These rewards are built around voting, reputation points, and ranks.

    Whenever you post a topic or a comment, other community members can vote on it. They can vote up or vote down. Up votes add to the total number of votes and down votes subtract from the total number of votes on the post. Votes should be used to indicate whether or not someone’s post is useful. If you see a useful post, up vote it to show your appreciation.

    As users vote on your posts, your reputation score changes. Your reputation score is the number of posts you have written (topics and comments) plus the sum of all up votes on your posts minus the sum of all the down votes on your posts. More succinctly:

    Reputation = Number of Posts + Total Up Votes - Total Down Votes.

    Reputation is a good indicator of expertise, community involvement, and character. It is also used to determine a community member’s rank.

    As you gain reputation points, you will achieve different rankings. All new users start as Newcomers, but advance through the following ranks

    Your current rank will be appended to your username when posting. It will act as an indicator of expertise and community involvement. Once you achieve a rank, you will never lose it.

    Rank Reputation Point Range
    Newcomer 0-25
    Explorer 26-150
    Contributor 151-300
    Advisor 301-500
    Leader 501-1500
    Authority 1501+

    Ranks also come with increased privileges. Here are the privileges you gain with each rank

    Rank Privilege
    Newcomer Posting and voting up
    Explorer Flagging posts as violating the code of conduct
    Contributor Voting down
    Advisor Access to the Sneak Peeks area of the MyVR Community

  • Explorer

    I think this is a great idea. Members can share, learn, educate each other on what works, what doesn’the work, or just toss ideas off one another.


  • Just as long as this isn’t the beginning of an attempt to dumb down (your quite awesome!) support 🙂

  • MyVR Employee

    @Robin It’s an attempt to provide better, faster support in a more scalable way. Compared to a few months ago, you now you have several options outside of just emailing MyVR. You can watch product videos, pay for 1:1 training, post in the community to ask other users and MyVR how to use the product, etc. I expect us to continue to add other options down the road, like joining a webinar or scheduling a 1:1 support phone call.

    Figuring out the right support options at the right price points will be important as MyVR continues to scale, to ensure we can make our awesome software accessible to customers of different sizes, and with varying needs and budgets.

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