Deleting old rental agreement

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    I have updated my rental agreement and cannot delete the old one. I do not wish to archive it (only option given) , as it will no longer be used. Can you please advise where this is done and how to flag the new one as the default?

  • Hi Linda,

    MyVR currently only allows archiving of rental agreements. As archived agreements aren’t shown by default, this is effectively the same as deleting. The difference is that you have the option to recover old rental agreements just in case you want them. You can see archived contracts by switching the “Show Archives” toggle.

    0_1484942667409_Screen Shot 2017-01-20 at 12.04.20 PM.png

    Regarding how to set the new agreement as default and how to remove (archive) , you can use the “Actions” menu next to each Rental Contract. There will be options both for archiving an agreement and setting an agreement as the default contract.


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