Higher rate for fewer nights?

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    Is there a way to have custom rates for a booking with fewer nights?
    For example, I have my regular rates and a regular 3 night minimum stay.
    I do offer 2 nights, but the nightly rate will be higher.

  • Hi Carole,

    The answer is both yes and no. You can set weekday nightly, weekend nightly, weekly, and monthly rates with different prices. This allows you to have three tiers of pricing: Stays that are less than a week, stays that are more than a week but less than a month (30 nights), and stays that are a month (30 nights) or longer.

    0_1484944263297_Screen Shot 2017-01-20 at 12.29.02 PM.png

    In addition to these three tiers of pricing based on stay length, you can also set different rates for given dates such as a holiday season rate. These date based rates can also have up to three tiers of pricing based on stay length.

    0_1484944503659_Screen Shot 2017-01-20 at 12.32.58 PM.png

    So yes you can have different rates for different stay lengths, but you cannot set rates based on arbitrary stay lengths. Instead, MyVR offers the 3 standard tiers of nightly, weekly, and monthly.


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    Hi @Danny-Eiden
    Yes, I’m familiar with these options but I am specifically asking about a nightly rate that changes based on something not related to a weekly rate.
    For example with one of the listing sites I had the option of setting different rates for weekdays and weekends :
    Weeknight - $100
    Weekend - $150 - and then a check box said "do not use if more than XXX number of nights are booked.
    I could select the nights I considered weekends, so I selected Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday
    I used this by setting my weekend rate much higher (in this example it would have been $150)
    And then I checked the "do not use if more the 3 nights are booked.
    So if a guest wanted only Friday and Saturday, they pay $150 per night - I still get $300
    If they want Thursday and Friday and Saturday, they are getting a nightly rate of $100 and I still get $300.

  • Hi @Carole,

    As I mentioned above, while you cannot set custom stay lengths – such as 3 nights – that trigger a change in the nightly rate, you can set weekly and monthly rates that will override both the weeknight nightly and weekend nightly rates once they kick in. So, using the holiday rate example above, if someone booked a 9 night stay from Monday to the following Wednesday the total rent would be $3,825 with a nightly rate of $425.

    If you’d like the ability to alter the rate based on custom stay lengths, please send us a feature request.

    Regarding the ability to set custom weekend nights, MyVR supports this. Click the Advanced Options button in a property’s Rates section to set the weekend nights for the property.

    0_1484954648580_Screen Shot 2017-01-20 at 3.16.49 PM.png

    0_1484954657283_Screen Shot 2017-01-20 at 3.16.39 PM.png


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    Thanks - I get the weekly and monthly pricing part.
    I’m specifically looking to have higher rates for a 2 night stay. I can manually adjust this but I feel like it is bait and switch when someone inquires for 3 nights and gets a certain rate, and then they email me and say I only want two nights - and suddenly the rate is 50% higher. (Ironically when I had this on the listing sites people paid for 2 nights all the time without any question - they didn’t actually see that the nightly rate was much lower for a 3 or more night stay. It’s when I up the price on them they get irked.)
    I can manually do this when I am sending out a quote to someone who calls me, but I’d like it to be part of the rates settings so that when someone is on my website getting a quote they automatically get the higher nightly rate if they select a 2 night stay.

  • I apologize if I spent too much time explaining the nightly vs weekly vs monthly rate system and not enough focussed on your desire to charge more for two night stays.

    As I briefly mentioned, if you’d like the ability to charge more for stays which are less than 3 nights please send us a feature request. You can do this using the Support button in MyVR or at myvr.com/contact/.


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  • Thanks @Carole!

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    @Carole - how would you handle those rate requirements on your listing sites such as HomeAway? If you’re using channel management, and the receiving listing site doesn’t support that pricing structure, you’d have an issue. Where are you seeing the ability to set that kind of rate on a listing site?

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