How do you remove names when Exporting Calendars?

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    I want to export my calendar to an .ics format, but I do NOT want to include the names from the reservations. How can I turn that off?

  • Hi Jenny,

    MyVR does not currently have a method for removing information, including guest names, from ical (.ics) calendar exports.

    You could download the .ics file by copy thing the link we provide into your web browser. Once you have the file, you can edit it in a text editor to remove whatever information you want. Guest name is under “Summary”.

    As an alternative, you could use the reservation export feature found under Setup > API & Data Access > Manual Export > Reservations to create CSV files of reservations which you could then remove information from. I am not sure, however, if this will accomplish the goal that you have in mind.


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    @Danny-Eiden - no it doesn’t. I’m trying to update a non-integrated listing from the owner of a property I manage. They still had time left on the listing, so it’s live and I wanted to keep the calendar up to date. But now they are receiving names which I don’t want them to have - they’re too involved…lol
    I’m going to disconnect it and return to manual updates.

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