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    "As always, TripAdvisor Vacation Rentals wants to keep you informed of any updates that could affect your account. Some of you will see a change in the inquiry emails you receive from TripAdvisor after February 15th.

    You will see this change if you parse your emails from us, or have a service do it, as this will no longer be supported. Instead, we’ve built a new inquiry API that you can utilize, which is more reliable and easier to maintain for your convenience. The specifications of our inquiry API are attached below.

    If you don’t parse our emails, or know what this means, then you should see no change in how you receive your leads from us. "

    I would assume since I use myvr that would mean changes for me? Anyone else encounter this?

  • MyVR Employee

    The change that TripAdvisor is making will not directly affect MyVR users that using the full channel integration for TripAdvisor/FlipKey. Yes there is a change being made by TripAdvisor that will affect MyVR but MyVR will handle all the changes necessary in a manner that will not affect you or the delivery of your inquiries to your inbox.

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