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    How can I link myvr website to my Facebook page, so that myvr website updates my Facebook page and has the same content/design as the website?

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    @Tamara-Glasgow I believe this app covers you: https://myvr.com/vacation-rental-applications/facebook/

    A few keys points:

    • The Facebook page can only be connected to one property in your MyVR account. Since most folks with multiple properties only want to manage one Facebook Page, this feature is best suited for one-property owners.
    • The design is going to be similar but not the same. Facebook Pages have limited flexibility in allowing the design to change.
    • No content that is specifically entered using the MyVR website builder will be synced over; rather, your property details are used to populate the Facebook Page. For that reason you can consider this more like a listing on one of the channels (e.g. HomeAway, Airbnb) than a recreation of your website. Though there is a bit of overlap (colors, background images, etc.).

    Hope that helps!

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