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    Set the Navigation at top of Home Page, but the drop downs for my properties are not going to the property pages. What am I doing wrong?

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    Hey Carol,
    If I understand what you’re trying to do, you want to:

    1. have a multi-prop website
    2. link to the property detail pages from the top nav

    In this case, it’s best to just select an “external link” as the object to drop into your top nav (either in the top level, or under a drop down header if you want them to be in a drop down).

    Then, put in the title of the property in that object, and for the link URL, just drop in the property detail page for that property.

    Be sure to have the page open in the same window (there is a toggle for you to choose whether it opens in the same window or a new window). That should work! Remember to save the top nav changes, and then save the changes to the page.

    See screenshot:

  • MyVR Employee

    I edited the title of this post slightly so help others find it in the future. Cheers!

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