Managing Airbnb amenities

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    Please let me know how I can correct the amenities on my Airbnb channel listings?

  • Hey Todd and Lisa,

    The amenities that show on your Airbnb listing are managed in the same place that you manage amenities for your property. While not all amenities supported by MyVR translate to Airbnb amenities, you can see which ones do by filtering the amenities list by the “Syncs to Airbnb” column.

    This is view is at Properties > My Properties > (Select a property) > Amenities:


    After the change is made to your amenities, the data will be pulled by Airbnb in the following hour and the change should be reflected on your live Airbnb listing soon after that. It’s worth noting that you must have at least one amenity and Airbnb could reject a listing if an amenity is not listed, but is in a photograph. For example if there is a photo of a TV, but the TV amenity is not selected, this could be grounds for rejection during the approval process.

    Given your listings are already live, changes to amenities should not impact your current approval.

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