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    We prefer not to have our web site description pushed to our Flipkey and Homeaway/VRBO listings because of SEO issues and apparent Google algorithmic penalties for duplicate content across the internet. That said, how can we ensure timely synching of the over-ride description etc. for each of our portal sites?


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    @Darrell-Looney112 Hi Darrell - you can override both the headline and the description per channel using the override section. Head to Channels > Full Integration > [select channel app] > [select property/listing] > Manage. These overrides will sync with the same frequency as all other property data to your managed listing.

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    Unless we are doing something incorrectly, the override only allows us to have 1000 Characters for the entire listing. That is really not adequate to describe the property enough for someone to book off the website.

    Our concern with having the push is that we read on different sites that google doesn’t like “duplicate” pages and will penalize you for that. We are struggling with getting our site seen on google and so wondered if that was a contributing factor. We want to get most of our bookings directly through our website so we need to be good in google. We have homeaway, VRBO, FlipKey, Canada stays so that would be 4 sites plus our own website with duplicate content. Thoughts? Are reports of google penalties for this overrates?

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    Hi Sherry,

    Those character limits are set by HomeAway, not us.

    As far as duplicated content goes, I have heard of this concern, but do not know how much of a real issue it is. This is really a question best asked to an SEO expert.

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    @Tristan-Brotherton OK thanks.

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