How are my properties organized on our website?

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    We have several cities on our website and our properties seem to be randomly organized within each city…how does that work?

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    Hi Dana,

    If you open the corresponding property group, you can choose a default sort type, including custom to create your own.

    On the website layout editor or content editor you can select the corresponding sort order for the property list, by clicking in the property list options.

  • Hi @Dana-Rudy. Your properties are organized by the custom sorting order of the property group you created for each city. To view the custom sorting order of a property group

    1. Go to Properties > Groups and select a group
    2. Select Custom for the Sort By field
      0_1483658550071_Screen Shot 2017-01-05 at 3.18.46 PM.png

    From there, you can set the order properties will be displayed in on your website. You can also chose a different, automatic sorting from within the website editor. Check out this post for more information.


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    Thank you Tristan, I’ll click around in there and experiment.

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    @Danny-Eiden Thanks very much Danny. I wasn’t the one who set up the groups so this helps me out a lot. Thanks!

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    @Danny-Eiden I work with @Dana-Rudy and I have a follow up question. It seems that if we don’t choose our own order or automatic sort then the properties are automatically sorted by “membership position.”

    Just curious, what is “membership position?” How is it determined?

  • MyVR Employee

    Im going to take a guess that it might be as simple as order created.

  • Hi @Bethany-Siu. I looked into it, and the two sort options “Custom” and “Membership Position” are the same thing! That is to say, the order that you set in Custom will be the order you also see in Membership Position. We are looking into improving the interface here.

  • Hi @Bethany-Siu. I have a quick update on setting property group orders: we’ve changed the names of some of the options I mentioned above. The sorting options now match what you see in the property list widget settings for a multi property website.

    0_1484330025904_Screen Shot 2017-01-13 at 9.52.26 AM.png

    Note that Property Group Membership Position option refers to a custom order that you can edit.

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    @Danny-Eiden Hi Danny, I did what you said and chose the Alphabetical A-Z option to order our properties that way in the Beachside Vacation Rentals Group but after I made that selection, the SAVE button disappeared and I am not able to save that choice. What am I doing wrong? Thanks! Dana1_1486774786723_Screenshot (84).png 0_1486774786722_Screenshot (83).png

  • Hi @Dana-Rudy. This is a bit confusing, so I’m going to back up and describe for a moment how the property ordering is determined on your website.

    In the website editor, you are able to select how the properties will be ordered. You can select an automatic order (e.g. alphabetical by name, high price to low price, random) or a manual order. The manual order is the order you can set when you are viewing a property group in the MyVR app and the “Sort by” selector is set to “Membership Position (Your Custom Order)”. I posted instructions for how to set the order of properties on your website here.

    When you are viewing a property group, you can similarly view properties in an automatic order or a manual order. You can edit and save the manual order by dragging properties around. You cannot edit and save the manual order by first selecting an automatic order and then saving as the manual order.

    So, if you would like to order your properties alphabetically by name on your website, you should set that setting in the website editor. If you wish to view properties in a group alphabetically by name in the MyVR app, you can do that by opening the group and setting the “Sort by” selector to “Name (A to Z)”. Doing so will not change either the Membership Positions(Your Custom Order) of the properties in the group or change the way the group is displayed on your website.


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